Halfback- Randy Ogden, Traverse City Michigan-Saint Francis High School 1970 

Fullback- Ray Buria, Virginia Minnesota 1971-1972

QB- Barry Pierson, Saint Ignace Michigan 1964

Center- Tom Silbersack, Two Rivers Wisconsin 1968

Right Offensive Guard-  Pat Mquarry, St.Ignace Michigan 1964

​Left Offensive Guard- Phil Smogoleski, Two Rivers Wisconsin 1968

Right Offensive Tackle- Randy Ammernan, Two Rivers Wisconsin 1968

Left Offensive Tackle- Rick Vogel, Two Rivers Wisconsin 1967

Tight-End- Craig Potocinik, Biwabik Minnesota 1981

Wide Reciever- Jim Marcella, Virginia Minnesota 1972 and 1973

Wide Reciever- John Dontz, Manistee Michigan 1965

Middle Linebacker- Mike Squillace, Virginia Minnesota 1971 and 1972

Here is Coach Haege's All-Time High School All-Star football team from the hundreds of high school football players that he coached at high school's in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. This does not include the many college and Pro football players that he coached. Coach Haege picked each one of these players himself in 2004 and wrote them down on paper. Coach Haege's son Frank Haege should be on this team on offense. But to quote Coach Haege "I am not picking my own kid to be on my All-Star team."  That just wasn't Coach Haege's style. That probably comes from many years of having to deal with parents who didn't like their kids not starting on Coach Haege's teams.
Coach Haege's All-Time High School All-Star Football Team 
​Defensive Tackle: Randy Ammerman, Two Rivers Wisconsin 1968
Noesguard- Rick Willoughby, Manistee Michigan 1965
Defensive End- Ken Elsen, Wisconsin Rapids Assumption 1983
Defensive End- Jon Hokanson, Manistee Michigan 1965
Strong Side Linebacker- Al Skibba, Wisconsin Rapids Assumption 1983
Weakside Linebacker- Andy Bushman, Wisconsin Rapids Assumption 1983  
Cornerback- Craig Strohm, Two Rivers Wisconsin 1968
Cornerback- Barry Pierson, St. Ignace Michigan 1964
Free Safety- Brian Weiss, Virginia Minnesota 1973 and 1974 

Strong Safety- Pat Cunningham, Virginia Minnesota  1974 and 1975 
Kicker- Tom Geogen, Two Rivers Wisconsin 1968